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Outstaffing, leasing and outsourcing of personnel. Hiring permanent and temporary staff

Outstaffing, leasing and outsourcing of personnel

Lease of permanent and temporary staff

Welcome to Renta Outstaffing

We successfully solve the production and advertising tasks of our clients with the help of leasing, outsourcing, outstaffing of personnel, as well as a complex

Interested in staff leasing? Renta Outstaffing offers an efficient solution

Are you interested in staff leasing? Do you want to solve a number of production problems with the help of rented personnel? Renta Outstaffing will help you.

There are more than 700 candidates on our base. We have already checked their selection,   skill level, feedback from previous works. You just have to fill out an application - tell us what specialties you are interested in and the required number of employees.

In addition, under the terms of leasing, outsourcing and outstaffing of personnel, Renta Outstaffing takes full responsibility for personnel records management, as well as solving a number of other issues. We will take care of everything that you did before

Optimization of personnel costs - economic benefit


Leasing workforce: guaranteed benefits

Renta Outstaffing is convinced that hiring workers is a service that brings significant benefits. Thanks to her, you are guaranteed to receive:

  • reduction in HR and payroll costs

  • saving on taxes

  • the ability to quickly and without unnecessary difficulties to regulate the number of employees

  • no conflict situations with hired personnel

  • minimum labor liability

  • the opportunity to find a qualified specialist without interviews and a trial period.

Using the services of Renta Outstaffing for staff leasing, you can significantly relieve your company. As the experience of our clients shows, this gives a powerful impetus to business development. When all minor issues are resolved, you can fully focus on the main  - for example, increasing profits.

Service in which customer_company transfers to the contractor company — Renta Outstaffingfunctions for personnel management, and solving issues of personnel records management.

The difference from outsourcing this service is that in this case you legally remove the staff of your existing employees from your company in Renta Outstaffing.

It is a kind of outsourcing, and is a management technology. Allows you to provide the customer with the necessary labor resources for business processes at his enterprise. In essence, this is a staff rental


 BTL services from Renta Outstaffing - the most effective advertising solutions

Renta Outstaffing provides a range of BTL services, which includes promotions, provision of promoters, merchandising, and the Mystery Shopper program. We undertake not only the full or partial organization of promotional events, but also train the staff - those who will directly carry them out. Thanks to careful training of performers and constant control over their work, Renta Outstaffing manages to achieve increased efficiency of promotional activities. We do not just carry them out, we achieve the highest possible return.

Renta Outstaffing

Why cooperation with Renta Outstaffing is attractive

Renta Outstaffing services increase profits for the company's clients. But this is not the only advantage of working with us. Other attractive features are

  • great experience: Renta Outstaffing has been operating in the personnel and BTL services market since 2017 

  • high quality: all our specialists are distinguished by a high level of professional training

  • additional discounts and bonuses that apply to a number of services and regular customers

  • individual approach: each client is provided with a personal manager

  • maximum convenience: we offer the simplest schemes of work, we do not disturb customers on minor issues

  • utmost promptness: we have a "hot line" for customers to quickly resolve issues

  • full transparency: we provide comprehensive interim and final reporting

Are you interested in providing temporary staff for rent?callin RentaOutstaffing!

Renta Outstaffing has become a successful solution for companies that are interested in providing temporary staff for rent. You can see for yourself. Call us, we will discuss any options for cooperation and answer any additional questions.questions.

Renta Outstaffing will always make a good offer. After all, making your business successful is the main goal of our work.

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