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Outstaffing, leasing and outsourcing of personnel. Hiring permanent and temporary staff

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BTL services from Renta Outstaffing:

Renta Outstaffing provides BTL services that help companies reach a new level of development and become more successful. The list of our BTL services includes:

  • salesmanconsultant: effective promotion of goods in retail chains

  • conductingpromotions: bright event promotion

  • providingpromoters: individual approach to potential clients

Benefits of cooperation

Cooperation with Renta Outstaffing, using our experience and knowledge in the field of BTL marketing, helps companies achieve the following results:

1. effectively distinguish your offer, brand or company from competitors

2. Significantly increase attention to your products or services by the target audience

3. generate sustainable demand for their products

4. Significantly strengthen market position

The overall result is a significant increase in sales and profit growth.

Renta Outstaffing, BTL (BTL) agency in Yerevan: our capabilities

Our BTL (BTL) agency is well-placed to create a wide range of consumers - the main task of BTL. Carefully selected and well-trained personnel, non-trivial approaches, creative solutions, as well as effective marketing technologies and advertising techniques are at the service of Renta Outstaffing clients.

Renta Outstaffing undertakes the following tasks:

  • detailed development of a program to promote your products and services. We will offer options, together we will select the best

  • planning promotional events that will not only attract attention, surprise and be remembered, but convincingly motivate to make purchases

  • recruitment

  • building an effective work schedule for promotional personnel

  • ensuring control over the actions of merchandisers and promoters

  • provision of interim and final reports, including written reports, photo and/or video materials.

If you need to print promotional materials (flyers, booklets, stickers, etc.) for BTL events, you can do this with Renta Outstaffing partners. You can also order tailoring of promotional clothing from our partners - jackets, aprons, T-shirts, bags, etc.

BTL services from Renta Outstaffing: your benefits

Benefits Renta Outstaffing ensures your benefits. We guarantee

1. 100% efficient BTL services. You will have at your disposal the entire 2-year experience of Renta Outstaffing in this area + highly effective performers trained by us

2. saving you money and time. We undertake a comprehensive solution of all issues related to the holding of BTL events. You do not have to spend time and money on the independent organization of rather complex processes. It is enough to indicate your wishes

3. convenient collaboration scheme. Renta Outstaffing tries to relieve its customers as much as possible, to involve it only to solve key issues

4. possibility of control. Our clients have the opportunity to control the work of promoters, merchandisers and the weight of the BTL event at any time.

Renta Outstaffing

Why cooperation with Renta Outstaffing is attractive

Renta Outstaffing services increase profits for the company's clients. But this is not the only advantage of working with us. Other attractive features are

  • great experience: Renta Outstaffing has been operating in the personnel and BTL services market since 2017

  • high quality: all our specialists are distinguished by a high level of professional training

  • additional discounts and bonuses that apply to a number of services and regular customers

  • individual approach: each client is provided with a personal manager

  • maximum convenience: we offer the simplest schemes of work, we do not disturb customers on minor issues

  • utmost promptness: for prompt resolution of issues, we have a "hot line" for customers

  • full transparency: we provide comprehensive interim and final reporting

Are you interested in providing temporary staff for rent?callby phone 077 804 815

Renta Outstaffing has become a successful solution for companies that are interested in providing temporary staff for rent. You can see for yourself. Call us, we will discuss any options for cooperation and answer any additional questions.

Renta Outstaffing will always make a good offer. After all, making your business successful is the main goal of our work.

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