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Outstaffing, leasing and outsourcing of personnel. Hiring permanent and temporary staff

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Personnel outstaffing


Personnel outstaffing c781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Renta Outstaffing allows to reduce  expenses_by 30%. In addition, this service has a number of significant benefits. 

Optimization of personnel costs - economic benefit

Outstaffing from Renta Outstaffing

Service "Outstaffing personnel” is the withdrawal of personnel from the staff of the employing company. Employees continue to perform their previous duties, work in the same place and on the same terms, but they are legally listed as Renta Outstaffing. To put it simply, we take them on our "balance", for you they become freelancers. At the same time, all functions of personnel management remain with you.  

Almost any specialist can be rented:
just call Renta Outstaffing

Personnel (employee) outstaffing services: our capabilities

Renta Outstaffing provides servicesoutstaffing personnel. Most often, according to the outstaffing scheme, we are ordered to transfer service and production personnel to the state. For a complete list of specialties we offer, see here.

We take care of the following issues:

  1. we carry out full HR management

  2. calculate and transfer wages, including bonus, vacation and sick leave

  3. we calculate and make all the required tax deductions

  4. we issue all the necessary certificates to your employees (from the place of work, etc.)

  5. we strictly follow the law

  6. We provide full reporting on all issues.

These 6 points are the difficulties that you will no longer have to face.

You can get answers to all additional questions about the outstaffing service duringfree consultationspecialists Renta Outstaffing.

Personnel outstaffing: your benefits

Outstaffing services are widespread abroad. Gradually they are gaining popularity in Armenia. The reason is obvious: a range of significant amenities and significant benefits. Chief among them is savings. Outstaffing by almost 30% allows you to reduce the company's personnel costs.

Here are other benefits of outstaffing in Renta Outstaffing:

1. reducing the administrative burden. You continue to manage your workers, but fewer people are doing it

2. reducing the cost of personnel records management. Since fewer people are involved in personnel management, the cost of maintaining the administrative apparatus is significantly reduced

3. no need to communicate with government agencies. All requirements and claims of regulatory authorities will be dealt with Renta Outstaffing

4. no tax and insurance liability. Since you do not have the staff transferred for outstaffing, you do not include all the costs associated with its maintenance

5. protection from fines. because Renta Outstaffing  has extensive experience in this area, we know how to avoid fines and penalties for violation of labor, immigration and tax laws


6. defense against litigation. All employee claims, which may well turn into litigation, are now our concern

7. minimum labor liability. All responsibility to employees that you previously had is now the responsibility of the provider company, i.e.  Renta Outstaffing. You only have rights, but no obligations


8. staff size management. At any time, you can completely painlessly expand or reduce staff, find a replacement employee for sick leave, vacation or maternity leave


9. the ability to focus on business development tasks. Resources (time, money) that used to be spent on personnel production can now be directed to solving your priority business tasks.

How we are working

Scheme of your interaction with Renta Outstaffing is extremely simple:

  1. We discuss all the conditions and conclude an agreement for outstaffing

  2. You terminate, and we conclude employment contracts with your employees

  3. Your staff continues to work as usual

  4. You have additional needs, questions, wishes - we always find a solution.

Renta Outstaffing  works in full compliance with the RA legislation.

Advantages of cooperation with Renta Outstaffing

  • an experience: work in the personnel market since 2017

  • capabilities:  work with all regions of RA

  • quality: high level of training of our specialists

  • individuality: personal manager for each client

  • convenience: the most simple scheme of work, a "hot line" for customers

  • legality:  work in full compliance with the law

  • transparency: comprehensive reporting on all issues

  • discounts when outstaffing more than 10 people

  • bonuses: availability of additional discounts for regular customers

Confirmation that cooperation with Renta Outstaffing  is mutually beneficial, are the feedback of our customers.

Are you interested in providing temporary staff for rent?callat Renta Outstaffing!

Renta Outstaffing has become a successful solution for companies that are interested in providing temporary staff for rent. You can see for yourself. Call us, we will discuss any options for cooperation and answer any additional questions.

Renta Outstaffing will always make a good offer. After all, making your business successful is the main goal of our work.

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