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Outstaffing, leasing and outsourcing of personnel. Hiring permanent and temporary staff

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Personnel leasing


Employee leasing c781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Renta Outstaffing  allows you to significantly reduce company costs and save on taxes. This is an opportunity to always have the right number of workers on hand. Renta Outstaffing offers favorable leasing terms.

Optimization of personnel costs - economic benefit

Employee leasing at Renta Outstaffing

The principle of the serviceLeasing employees» simple: you need temporary staff — Renta Outstaffing  provides it. Simply put, you hire workers. This saves you a lot of worries. All these temporary workers are "on the balance sheet" of the provider company Renta Outstaffing. If you want to take one of them on the staff, then just him "redeem". 

Almost any specialist can be rented:
just call Renta Outstaffing

Personnel leasing: our capabilities

Currently staff leasing at Renta Outstaffing  is a base of 7000 potential employees. The database is constantly updated and expanded. For a complete list of specialties, seehere.

Renta Outstaffingundertakes the following functions:

  1. select workers of the required specialties and in the required number

  2. checking proficiency and skill level of staff

  3. enroll staff to our staff and formalize labor relations with them

  4. carry out full HR record keeping

  5. we expect and we pay wages and bonuses

  6. we expect and deduct tax deductions from salary

  7. we make out vacation and sick leave

  8. interact with government employment agencies

These 8 points are what we completely free you from.

Renta Outstaffingalso provides other additional services related to the recruitment of personnel, including consulting on issues related to the labor legislation of the Republic of Armenia. Readyreplyto all your additional questions during the consultation onleasing personnel.

Workforce Leasing: Your Benefits

ServicesRenta Outstaffingby provision in workforce leasingare a number of obvious benefits. Here are just the main ones:

1. Minimum risk in recruitment. Neither an interview nor a trial period guarantees anything. On the other hand, leasing allows you to completely avoid the risk of hiring an incompetent or dishonest employee.

2. Dismissal without loss or damage. Losses are wages and possible compensation for an employee who did not live up to your expectations. And damage can be done to the image of the company. With leasing, the dismissal of an unsuitable employee does not impose any social security obligations on you. You do not figure at all and do not participate in this process

3. Downsizing without compensation or litigation. If you want to reduce the staff, then it is simply reduced. The employer remains not obliged to the dismissed staff

4. Savings on the maintenance of the HR department, on personnel office work, on accounting, reporting. All these tasks are completely taken over by  Renta Outstaffing. The amount of savings can be calculated only by you. In any case, it will be significant.

5. Tax savings. We can offer you a simplified taxation system.

6. Recruitment by principle"here and now", that is, without spending time, effort and other resources on search, interviews. All these issues are completely taken over by Renta Outstaffing

7. Opportunity to find an excellent specialist without interviews and trial periods. You determine which specialist suits you best, not by his stories and resumes, but by labor results. This is the most reliable way to hire only qualified personnel.

8. Work without downtime. If one of the employees quit or falls ill, then an adequate replacement will be found literally immediately

9. Complete absence of the risk of any labor conflicts. You just don't participate in them. All disputes and their solutions are the area of responsibility Renta Outstaffing

10. Savings on the leasing itself. Payment for the rent of the provided personnel occurs on the fact of its need. The more staff involved and the longer the term, the lower the cost per employee.

How we are working

The algorithm of our interaction is extremely simple:

1. Youleave a request– we select staff according to your requirements

2. You conclude an agreement with us - we transfer the selected personnel to your full disposal

3. You have additional needs for staff, questions, wishes - we fully satisfy them.

Renta Outstaffing  works in full compliance with the RA legislation.

Advantages of cooperation with Renta Outstaffing

  • an experience: work in the personnel market since 2017

  • capabilities: extensive base of 2000 employees

  • quality: high selection criteria for employees (full check of their track record, reviews from previous jobs)

  • efficiency: solution of tasks in the shortest possible time + "hot line" for customers

  • convenience: simplest cooperation scheme

  • individuality: personal manager for each client

  • reliability:  work in full compliance with the law

  • benefits: flexible pricing and bonuses for loyal customers

Confirmation that cooperation with Renta Outstaffing  is mutually beneficial, are the feedback of our customers.

Are you interested in providing temporary staff for rent?callat Renta Outstaffing!

Renta Outstaffing has become a successful solution for companies that are interested in providing temporary staff for rent. You can see for yourself. Call us, we will discuss any options for cooperation and answer any additional questions.

Renta Outstaffing will always make a good offer. After all, making your business successful is the main goal of our work.

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