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Babysitting services in Yerevan

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Babysitter for a childinYerevan

Company"RentaOutstaffing"offers the services of professional, experienced and reliable nannies. Babysitting is our main focus.

Our database of candidates includes a large number of nannies who have experience working with children and are highly qualified specialists.

We will help you find the best nanny for you!



Caring nannies with medical education, experience in maternity hospitals, newborn wards, working with infants. They know breast care, professionally provide child care.


Babysitter for a preschooler

Babysitters are educators who know the methods of early development of children, have experience in kindergartens, early development schools, know many interesting games and activities.


Governess to a schoolboy

Teachers, primary school teachers, native speakers of a foreign language. They will prepare the child for school, increase the level of academic performance, bring up a true leader, and organize cultural and recreational activities.

Company "RentaOutstaffing" offers babysitting services in Yerevan

Babysitting for a company"RentaOutstaffing"is the main focus. Our database of candidates includes a large number of nannies who have experience working with children and are highly qualified specialists. If you need babysitting services, you can call the agency, and according to your requirements and request, the manager will select the best candidates, after which he will make a presentation of the babysitters in the agency's office and organize a trial period. Each of our nannies is tested for the level of knowledge of child care, letters of recommendation from previous jobs are checked. Each nanny undergoes a medical examination. At the request of the family  - the nanny can additionally undergo a medical examination at the clinic chosen by the client.

your caringNanny

Only a nanny of the highest class is able to become a true friend and mentor of her pupil. It is these assistants that offerscompany"RentaOutstaffing". Parents who are looking for a nanny hope they can leave their child in peace.

Therefore the company"RentaOutstaffing"selects candidates very carefully and is responsible for each specialist with his reputation. In order for the customer to trust a stranger, we check:

  • the documents

  • registration

  • recommendations

  • professional skills

  • medical certificates

At the request of the customer, the nanny can be checked by specialists from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. And after employment in your home, we will organize an "exam" that the assistant will not know about.

What are the responsibilities of a nanny?

The nannies offered by our company are jacks of all trades. They fully care for the child, teach and play with him. Most of the assistants know foreign languages, can play musical instruments, and are proficient in early development techniques.

If the child lacks communication with peers, the nanny accompanies him to children's clubs. They also walk together, go to parks, arrange excursions.

Large team of experienced instructors"RentaOutstaffing" conducts trainings and interviews for staff. Therefore, our nannies without a medical or pedagogical diploma are also real “hozhalochki” and “watchers”.

What are the working hours for nannies?

A nanny should be not only friendly and professional. She should be comfortable. If you are looking for a nanny, the best solution to the problem of force majeure is the accommodation assistant.

For a small child, they prefer to invite a nanny on a rotational basis. And then we recommend candidates from Yerevan. This greatly expands the search. A video interview helps to assess the personal qualities of a future assistant. Possibly a day shift. To work with large children, governess nannies go out during the day, for several hours, or even just for a walk. In the latter case, the agency sends a driver, or a driver with a security guard (if the parents wish).

What are the duties of a governess?

  • care, organization of the daily routine, proper nutrition;

  • accompaniment to school, from school, development center, sections, various classes;

  • preparation for school, help with homework;

  • teaching a foreign language, painting or  music;

  • raising the level of general culture (visiting theaters, museums, exhibitions);

  • teaching good manners, ethics, aesthetics;

  • improving speech literacy,  development of logic, memory, attention;

  • unleash the inner potential of the child.

Nanny from agency"RentaOutstaffing"have   higher pedagogical education,  work in families and recommendations, know child psychology and methods of child development, are familiar with modern educational programs (some governesses work according to their own programs).

If you care about the all-round development of your child's personality and are looking for a reliable assistant, we will help you find a professional governess –teacher,mentorandfriend!

Are you interested in providing temporary staff for rent?callat Renta Outstaffing!

Renta Outstaffing has become a successful solution for companies that are interested in providing temporary staff for rent. You can see for yourself. Call us, we will discuss any options for cooperation and answer any additional questions.

Renta Outstaffing will always make a good offer. After all, making your business successful is the main goal of our work.

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