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Outstaffing, leasing and outsourcing of personnel. Hiring permanent and temporary staff

Personnel outsourcing

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Outsourcing of temporary staff c781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Renta Outstaffing  is an effective solution to all personnel issues and a significant reduction in all costs, including tax.

Optimization of personnel costs - economic benefit


Outsourcing of temporary staff in Renta Outstaffing

What is temporary staff outsourcing c781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Renta Outstaffing ? It's simple: you transfer some of the responsibilities and powers of your company to a third-party company or specialist. In other words, you rent the services of another specialist without enrolling him in the state or firms without the merger procedure. They work without your participation, but you get only the finished result. You can outsource the work of one or more departments or divisions.

Almost any specialist can be rented:
just call Renta Outstaffing

Workforce outsourcing: our capabilities

Service Renta Outstaffing "Workforce outsourcing”, or rather, a whole range of services is a base of 700 potential employees. The database is constantly updated and expanded. See the full list of specialtieshere.

As part of the outsourcing service Renta Outstaffing performs the following duties:

  1. we select specialists of various profiles both pointwise (1 person) and massively (more than 50 people)

  2. we select performers for one-time or seasonal work

  3. formalize labor relations with approved candidates

  4. we carry out a full qualification check of employees, testing and certification of candidates

  5. we carry out a personnel audit - we comprehensively evaluate potential employees in terms of the goals and objectives of the customer company

  6. we are fully engaged in personnel records management of our clients, we work as their personnel department

  7. reduce the tax burden (where possible)

  8. we coordinate and control the work of personnel at all stages of cooperation with the customer company

  9. provide full reporting on the work of performers

  10. we provide consulting services on issues related to the labor legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

Most of these items are tasks that you currently have to solve on your own. Renta Outstaffingtake them over completely. If you have any additional questions, we are always ready to answer them withinfree consultation.


Personnel (employee) outsourcing services: your benefits

Personnel (employee) outsourcing services  is an opportunity to achieve that very "golden mean" when the amount of work performed is always equal to the number of employees. Generally,outsourcinghas the most positive impact on business. No wonder it has become widespread in the West. Here are some of the benefits it provides:

  1. significant cost reduction for additional and/or non-core personnel

  2. significant savings on vacation pay, sick leave, downtime, material assistance

  3. the opportunity to get a fully staffed staff and don't waste resources on selecting performers

  4. minimum liability. You will not have to be responsible for the health and life of an employee. You don't need to insure it. All of these are risks and challenges Renta Outstaffing

  5. Ability to focus on top priorities. Personnel issues take a lot of time and resources. As a result, the main work is idle. A typical but fundamentally wrong solution: staff expansion. Effective, absolutely correct solution:outsourcing personnel

  6. hiring only qualified personnel. Moreover, hiring without opening staff positions

  7. more dynamic business development by freeing up additional time and resources that were previously spent on HR issues

  8. no lawsuits and other claims from workers. Very often, these claims arise for reasons beyond the control of employers (for example, an economic crisis or a difficult market situation), but companies still have to bear the responsibility

  9. the presence of a significant human resource. Thanksoutsourcing personnel, expanding your business or starting large-scale projects will not be associated with a headache about the need to urgently find additional labor. It is always available.

Outsourcing personnelby Renta Outstaffing  - the service is also beneficial for the staff. Employees have permanent employment and do not depend on the situation on the market or on the state of affairs of the employer. They do not have to deal with employment issues themselves, go through interviews and receive cut salaries during their probationary period.

How we are working

Our interaction algorithm c Renta Outstaffing extremely simple:

  1. You leaveapplication– we select staff according to your requirements

  2. You conclude an agreement with us - we transfer the selected personnel to your full disposal

  3. You have additional needs for staff, questions, wishes - we fully satisfy them.

Renta Outstaffing  works in full compliance with the RA legislation.

Advantages of cooperation with Renta Outstaffing

  • an experience: work in the personnel market since 2017

  • capabilities: extensive base of 700 employees

  • quality: high selection criteria for employees (full check of their track record, reviews from previous jobs)

  • efficiency: solution of tasks in the shortest possible time + "hot line" for customers

  • convenience: simplest cooperation scheme

  • individuality: personal manager for each client

  • reliability:  work in full compliance with the law

  • benefits: flexible pricing and bonuses for loyal customers

Confirmation that cooperation with Renta Outstaffing  is mutually beneficial, are the feedback of our customers.

Are you interested in providing temporary staff for rent?callat Renta Outstaffing!

Renta Outstaffing has become a successful solution for companies that are interested in providing temporary staff for rent. You can see for yourself. Call us, we will discuss any options for cooperation and answer any additional questions.

Renta Outstaffing will always make a good offer. After all, making your business successful is the main goal of our work.

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