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В HORECA представлена ​​панорама технологических приложений в области компьютеризации и хостинга, беспроводных заказов, POS-систем и бухгалтерских приложений. Наиболее важные компании отрасли participate in the exhibition to showcase the capabilities of innovative systems and process equipment of their product portfolio. In addition, this sector, which is developing in Hall 4, presents products from leading companies offering complete packaging solutions for enterprises that have pickup delivery services, as well as specialized companies in the field of professional cleaning and maintenance solutions, innovative products and equipment.

Exhibit categories:

  • Connection

  • POS

  • Logistics applications

  • Computerization

  • Equipment and materials for cleaning

  • Packaging and consumables

  • landscape design

  • Menu Price lists

POS - Расходные материалы.webp
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