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HoReCa Expo 2021 Rent Expo Оборудование для общественного питания.w

Kitchen and catering equipment

All new and innovative solutions for kitchen equipment in catering and hotels are presented for the third time in HORECA by the largest distribution companies in the industry. in sector 4 - everything they need to equip the kitchen and catering department of their business, with the guarantee of the Eurasian leading companies and the largest international companies represented in our country.

Exhibit categories:

оборудование и оборудование для обществе
  • Kitchenware forHORECA

  • Goods for catering

  • Professional coffee makers and vending machines

  • Catering and buffet equipment

  • Sanitary goods

  • Refrigerators-showcases of all types

  • Air conditioning, Pools, Spa

  • Ventilation system, heating

  • Solar panels system

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