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HoReCa Expo 2021 Rent Expo Гостиничное оборудование - Мебель.webp

Furniture • Furnishings • Fabrics • Amenities

Hotel and restaurant equipment is developed in sector 3. Eurasian leading companies of their kind - with furniture, textiles, bathroom materials, other goods and equipment for hotel rooms present a huge range of proposals and modern solutions for decorating and furnishing the interior and exterior of hotels, tourist accommodation and catering facilities. In addition, professional visitors, which are HORECA segments, can discover a huge selection of new products introduced from EurAsEC countries to further develop cooperation. 

Exhibit categories:

  • Furniture

  • Serving utensils

  • Mattresses, Bed linen

  • Curtains, Decor

  • Floors, Doors, Frames

  • Plumbing, Amenities

  • Patio, Shading, Lighting

Гостиничное оборудование - Мебель.webp
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