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Outstaffing, leasing and outsourcing of personnel. Hiring permanent and temporary staff

Personnel  trading floor

Renta Outstaffing– an expert in the field of personnel outsourcing for retail chains.

We are ready to take on a wide range of work performance, management and recruitment functions for our partners. We can transfer recruitment, management, training, personnel administration.

We specialize in the recruitment of personnel for retail chains and warehouses: cashiers, sales assistants, sales floor workers, loaders, packers, production employees.

We work quickly, constantly improve quality and improve our outsourcing organization 

  • Our own training systems allow our Clients to receive qualified employees in the shortest possible time.

  • We maintain the level of staff qualifications through internships and field trainings.

  • We pay salaries on a weekly basis and conduct online timesheets.

  • Our automated quality control system allows you to effectively control employees at all levels.

  • Our mobile teams of specialists quickly close temporary applications.

We offer a complete package of financial services

  • Salary is accrued in a timely manner to bank cards; All required documents are completed on time.

Personnel outsourcing organization services

Personnel outsourcing  is a progressive business management strategy in which part of non-core functions is transferred to our company. This allows you to optimize your company's activities and focus on the development of your core business.

Our area of expertise isoutsourcingpersonnel. We completely take care of the personnel issue and staff your outlets with carefully selected andtrainedstaff. The employee is officially registered with us, but works for you. You profit from its activities without being distracted by the formalization of labor relations. We can look for new employees for your requests, or we can provide employees we already have in our staff. 

You need personnel outsourcing if:

  • … you have a large company with a vertically integrated structure;

  • …You want to focus on growing your business without interruption;

  • … your company has a limited staff, and from a legal point of view, it is undesirable to expand it;

  • … it is urgent to close burning vacancies or make a mass recruitment;

  • … are not ready to provide an employee with a 100% workload;

  • …You want to avoid the hassle of laying off employees – for example, due to downsizing;

  • …You need part-time employees;

  • …Your activity is seasonal;

  • ... you need to replace a valuable staff member for the duration of his vacation or long sick leave.

We provide high-quality personnel, selected according to your requirements (availability of medical books, RA citizenship, etc.). Our employees are able to quickly switch to new tasks, adapt to unfamiliar conditions and perform their duties conscientiously and in a timely manner.


  • we are financially responsible for our personnel and ensure the execution of work in full and on time;

  • we provide replacement of employees within 4 hours;

  • we constantly control the entire cycle of work from the main office along the chain "office - coordinator - supervisor - line employee".

Our principle of serving retail chains in Armenia assumes compliance with all standards, but at the same time leaves the possibility of individual planning of the process within each region according to your local needs.

The cost of organizing outsourcing of personnel services in a companyRenta OutstaffingAvailable to both large and small businesses.

Benefits outsourcing for retail chains

We care about our employees and offer them favorable conditions:

  • employment;

  • stable salary, which is paid on time and in full;

  • convenient schedule and place of work;

  • valuable professional experience;

  • the opportunity to combine work and study;

  • the ability, if necessary, to quickly find a job elsewhere (closer to home etc.);

  • interesting corporate events (drawings of prizes, etc.).

We conduct pre-training of staff

Our training systems allow Clients to receive qualified employees in the shortest possible time.

The employees selected by us are ready to work from the first day. They have the necessary experience and pass with usspecial training, including internships and field trainings, both team and individual. This allows them to become full-fledged work units immediately from the moment they join your company. Thus, you do not get a beginner who still needs to be brought up to date, but ready-made services, which means profit.

We go to meet your wishes

What to do, if:

  • An employee suddenly didn't show up for work?

  • Do you want to speed up the recruitment of new staff, but this is not provided for in the contract?

  • Do you have special wishes for employees (wearing overalls, readiness for night shifts, passing certain training, washing the cash register at the end of the working day)?

Call your manager-supervisor! We are proud of trusting, friendly relations with Clients and are always ready to promptly respond to your requests and wishes. If necessary, we will organize additional services: corporate transfer to the place of work, payment for lunches, assigning employees to sections, etc.

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