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Outstaffing, leasing and outsourcing of personnel. Hiring permanent and temporary staff

Selection of sales consultants

Nowadays, people have become more demanding of the service, regardless of what activities the company is engaged in. It is not always easy to choose the right person for the position of a sales assistant in Yerevan, which directly brings profit to your business. Often a person without experience is taken for such work, although it is, of course, welcome, and without special education. But the person who applies for this position must:

-know how goods are received and laid out;
-provide qualified advice and products (services) to consumers;
-keep records;
-keep the workplace clean;
-participate in inventory.

Servicessellers-consultantsmost in demand instores,supermarket chain,furniture stores,Network of household appliances stores, insurance and advertising companies, travel agencies, online stores, salons, etc. Sales outsourcing allows you to save time on training and internships. We offer to hire a ready-made employee who will easily go through fire and water, fulfill all your requirements and become a source of constant income.

Selectionsellers-consultantshappens carefully, but quickly. We will take into account all your wishes and please even the most demanding client. This profession involves work on two sides, on the one hand, the employee must do everything to ensure that the client is satisfied, and on the other hand,generate sales revenue.This is a person to whom the buyer can always turn for help and get detailed advice and answers to all questions.

Professional outsourcing is our main profile, recruitment and personnel is now available to every interested person thanks to Renta Outstaffing. Finding great employees is easy for us. Outsourcing (renting) an experienced consultant will ensure your business success and prosperity. 


The job of a salesperson is both challenging and rewarding. Everyone needs good sellers, but finding them is not so easy. Therefore, it is most effective to develop your sellers with the help of the store, to conduct the necessary training, certification, and improve the skills of employees, thus creating additional value for buyers.

There are several types of certifications for sellers, depending on the goals. It could be an attestation:

  • to know the range of the store

  • knowledge of certain categories of goods

  • for a specific brand (history, values, features)

  • professional knowledge and skills

  • to fulfill standards of service 

  • sales and customer relations skills

Stages of certification of sellers:

1. Setting goals for certification

2. Drawing up a list of employees for certification

3. Determination of the composition of the certification committee

4. Selection methods for conducting certification

5. (be sure to use several certification methods to obtain objective results. For example, the use of tests, questionnaires, written assignments, individual interviews, demonstration of knowledge and skills, answers to control questions, etc.)

6. Selection of motivation tools based on the results of certification (for example, certification for the transition to a new professional category - salesperson, senior salesperson, main salesperson, sales floor manager, deputy store director, etc.). Motivational tools should carry both stimulating and corrective effects, depending on the results of certification.

7. Drawing up a scenario for certification

8. Drawing up a schedule for certification

9. Preliminary informing of the personnel

10. Carrying out the certification itself

11. Debriefing and decision making

12. Providing staff with detailed feedback on the results of certification

13. Designation of plans for the future and the next planned certifications

 Regular certification of salespeople is necessary for their professional development, improving work efficiency, updating knowledge and making changes to the system of motivation and remuneration.

 Чтобы аттестация продавцов приносила пользу, и позитивно воспринималась сотрудниками магазина, ее необходимо чередовать с обучением продавцов, и систематическим проведением тренингов для продавцов_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_(both product and sales development)

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