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Historically the transaction process required the presence and communication of its participants. In our time, when many processes of buying and selling have gone online, the traditional meeting place for the seller and the buyer is the exhibition. It is exhibitions that bring together manufacturers and distributors to exchange experiences, analyze market conditions and the competitiveness of goods, conclude agreements and contracts for the supply and promotion of products and services.

Therefore, we are proud to announce: the exhibitions "Rent Expo"  are a meeting place for professionals. In every project

"Рент Экспо" создает крупнейшие в Армении площадки для эффективной презентации новых товаров, материалов, оборудования и услуг армянских, российских, белорусских_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_and foreign manufacturers.

Rent Expo exhibitions are an effective tool for promoting products on the market. Participation in the exhibition allows you to attract new customers, increase sales, including entering a new region - to emerging market of Armenia.

Exhibitors from of the EAEU Member States - representatives of manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, and the service sector - get the opportunity to present their company productively and intensively_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-158bad_for in a short time 2500 companies of the HoReCa segment interested in acquiring it.

A number of EAEU manufacturers are invited to take part in HoReCa Expo 2021, which will present the latest technologies, equipment and inventory in the Armenian market, which, in turn, will expand the scope of services, attract attention and visit of a large number of tourists from all over the world to Armenia.

The visitors of the exhibitions are business owners and top managers, middle managers and profile experts of the enterprises of the hotel and tourism complex, the healthcare system, wholesale and retail trade, agriculture, various industries and government agencies.


The expansion of the customer base

Competitive Analysis 
Introduction to new production technologies 
Obtaining information about the projects of potential customers and competitors
Market Research Market 
Maintaining the company's image

51.3%participants consider participation in the exhibition effective, 


41%of exhibitors believe that goals have been fully achieved 

6%of exhibitors believe that the goals were partially achieved 

5.3% at contract stage 

43% under negotiation 

General opinion about the exhibition 

73%participants had a positive opinion about the exhibition, 

27%- satisfactory, 

no negative opinion 

Rest-Hotel Expo 2018
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